Critical Analysis Of Ahlu-Sunnah

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AHLU-SUNNAH TRADITIONISTS' CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF SHIA NARRATIONS Traditionists of Ahlu-Sunnah made a critical analysis of Shia narrations of Hadith. Elaborate on this analysis quoting the statements of the scholars regarding Shia narrations and their reasons behind spreading their literature. Provide enough examples with the scholars' comments and criticism. The prophet is the final representation and power. For that reason scholars made exhausting effort to record all his deeds, words and also issues of his time that rose to him. Scholars collected the hadith with dissimilar methodologies and criterion that go well with their purposes. Some to support their sect and got out of objectivity due hostility and membership. Due to that reason instead of preserving…show more content…
It was said to Abi Hassan “We hear verses of the Quran which were not in ours.” Another hadeeth they narrated is “My name in the Quran is Washamsee Wadhuhaa and the name of Ali is Walqamaree Idha Talaha.” Ibnu Hajar commented that Ibnul Jawzee said this hadeeth had been fabricated, there were at least three unknown narrators in this chain. The Attitude of Ahlul sunnah towards the Shias If we leave out some current scholars who have written with equality about the Shias as dictated to them by their Islamic norms of conduct, most others, in the past and the present, have been writing about the Shias in the approach of hateful Umayads. The Prophet stated that: "Every Muslim to another Muslim is like a very strong building: each one strengthens the other one," and, "A Muslim relates to another Muslim like one body: if one part of the body get hurts, the rest of the body will responds with

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