Adequate (No. 2 O. 4) Affect The Rate Of

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Research Question: How does different volumes of a homogenous catalyst (Mn_2 O_4) affect the rate of decomposition of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2, directly measured from the differences in mass? Purpose: To study the effect of various volumes of Mn_2 O_4 on the rate of decomposition of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2 and also to observe the effect of catalysts on reaction rates. Independent Variable: The volume of the gas that will be measured which determines the rate of decomposition Dependent Variables: The volume of homogenous catalyst (Mn_2 O_4) Controlled Variables: The volume and concentration of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2 The size of the test tubes and beakers (equipment) Amount of water (use the same room temperature water) Materials: Erlenmeyer Flask 30% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (〖 H〗_2 O_2)…show more content…
Measure 50 ml of 30% 〖 H〗_2 O_2 and mix in 450 ml of water to produce 500 ml of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2. This will be the solution used to calculate the rate of reaction. 2. Use a pipette to measure out 100 ml of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2 into a 300 ml beaker. 3. Prepare the different volumes of the homogenous catalyst (Mn_2 O_4) by using the pipette to place the following volumes in each of the 5 test tubes (10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 40 ml, 50 ml). Use the test tube rack to hold the solutions and label each test tube with the appropriate volume of Mn_2 O_4. 4. Prepare the gas collection apparatus. Take the container filled with water and place an inverted test tube inside. Take the delivery tube and place it inside the underwater test tube without bringing the test tube out of the water. 5. Mix together the 10 ml of Mn_2 O_4 catalyst into the 100 ml of 3% 〖 H〗_2 O_2 into the flask and seal with the solid rubber stopper attached to the delivery tube on top immediately as gas can escape quickly. 6. As the reaction occurs, the gas will displace the water out of the underwater test tube and the volume of the gas produced can be measured. Record the volume of gas

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