Acts Of Heroism

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Why do people commit acts of heroism?People commit acts of heroism everyday and they do it for a variety of reasons. In the past people have done a lot heroic acts and have done the right thing for others but they all did it differently.This essay will explain about how Jackie robinson,harriet Tubman and Mie Gies all had different experiences yet all were acts of heroism. Jackie Robinson stood strong despite the discrimination he faced from being the first African American baseball player.Miep Gies sheltered Anne Frank and her family and ignored all the trouble she could've gotten into for doing what was right. Harriet Tubman led thousands of slaves into freedom and fought in the Union during the Civil War.Although Jackie Robinson,Miep Gies…show more content…
Robinson had faced much discrimination and despite all this he came out at the top of everyone else and showed heroism by being resilient and never giving up on his baseball dream. He did not give up and did not let the discrimination of his time get him down and he got all the insults and injuries yet did not give up and came out with several trophies helping the dodgers win the championships and united the Dodger together. In the article of “How Jackie Robinson changed baseball” by Jessica Mcbirney it talks about how he had been known for having guts and willing to fight back but he had to contain himself to play in baseball and that is what he did (McBirney 2017). He had the guts to take it all and not let anyone get him down and he did this to prove the world wrong to prove the world that an African American can play baseball. Miep Gies was another example of heroic action and how she sheltered Anne Frank and many jewish families despite how much she was risking. She did the extraordinary and risked her life to save others lives during the ww2 era. This is backed because in the Interview by Teri Schultz and the National Public Radio it talks about how she sheltered the Frank family and was even put at gunpoint and threatened when she was caught and returned to retrieve Anne Frank's diary. She was heroic because she did what was considered wrong in her place and ignored the risks and laws she was breaking to do what was the right thing. She saved them and did something that most others wouldn't even risk doing. Harriet Tubman is a third example of heroism and how she risked her life repeatedly and was a fierce and serious abolitionists. She was a conductor in the underground railroad and helped lead the movement and led hundreds of slaves into freedom. In the
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