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Vajeekaranam Introduction Ayurveda accepts food, sleep and sex as the three pillars which support the body and life. Food and sleep are very much important to maintain a healthy life. Sex is also equally important for a person as a social being. Sex is a natural urge and a biological need. Married life is considered as the most important among the stages of life. It enables to carry out the social responsibilities easily. The result of married life is progeny which gives continuity to ones culture and customs. So sex in a proper way is a social need. Healthy sex is required for the following factors – 1. To attain the state of limited conscious bliss 2. To carry out a comfortable family life 3.…show more content…
To give birth to healthy young ones 4. To increase energy, confidence and creativity 5. To maintain happiness What is Vajeekarana ? Vajeekarana is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the proper reproductive functioning and with the measures to improve the quality of sexual life. Why Vajeekarana ? Sex being an important biological and social need, the desire and caliber for sexual act is to be maintained and protected in couples irrespective of their age. Pleasure from sex is important for both partners for a happy married life. Vajeekarana in mainly indicated not only to equip the reproductive system but also to empower the body and mind to enjoy healthy sex and to strengthen the relationships between husband and wife. Why should husband and wife be

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