Huawei P8 Case Study

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Things to Know about Huawei P8 Though the increasing demand of cell phones and gadgets have made it quite tough for the buyers to choose and buy a cell phone that is less in price as well as contains all the Smartphone features. Taking the trend ahead, after the grand success of P7, Huawei next major handset p8 have been making rounds all over the globe. Huawei, P8 hit the market with its slim and sleek appealing contrast. Huawei lacks the reorganization of premium quality phones but taking obvious inspiration from apple I phone 6 and Samsung 6 edge. It would not be wrong to say that once this super stylish and beautifully crafted phone is put in hands and you are asked to make a quick prize guess you will overestimate it. This beautiful mobile with aluminum body, slick design and some very promising features has gotten all the qualities of giving it ultra posh look. Huawei is hoping to hit the ground and make serious marks with the launch of P8. Camera and Screen:…show more content…
It offers excellent pictures in both low and bright lightning conditions. Pictures taken from Huawei P8 when closely observed and scanned was found comparable with those taken from DSLR camera. Surely pictures taken from P8 will turn out like never before. This is not where the show ends, Huawei P8 features 5.2 inch screen with 1080 *1920 resolutions that is quite comparable with the market rulers Samsung and HTC. I guess it would not be wrong to state that uniqueness of this phone regarding looks and camera angles can leave you all wide

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