Comparing Gilgamesh, Enkidu, And Utnapishtim

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A Hero’s Life Are you a Hero, have you been on a Quest, have you Saved something before? Most people are heroes but they just do not notice it, being heroic comes small and big things. The meaning of heroism has a lot of different explanation; it is when someone does anything to save, slay, retrieve etc… does not matter how great or big the act was. In the book Gilgamesh there are a lot of heroic acts, but focusing on the few major ones; Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and Utnapishtim are the great heroes, because they have accomplished great, courageous and heroic actions, the epic poem also creates an idea that anyone can be a hero. This portrays that Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Utnapishtim evolve around heroism, because of their actions, quests, and excretions.…show more content…
It does not matter how strong they are, their difference counts even if it is small, and big. Utnapishtim saved the world form the flood of the angry gods; human kind by listening, understanding, and following what the god of wisdom, Ea told him; without much strength he still accomplished his mission by using his knowledge. “‘… abandon your house, abandon what you posses. Abandon your house and build a boat instead, seek life instead of riches.’” (67-75). This exemplifies that anyone of any size, shape, age, health can, and might be a hero any day; possessing knowledge is one of the main factors in being a hero, you cannot just charge into a pack of wolves and think to survive. Open-mindness is also another major factor, you cannot say no to everything different from what you are used to; Utnapishtim changes his life to live. Lastly is another awesome example of…show more content…
Gilgamesh and Enkidu saved the city form the bull of heaven that was sent down from heaven by Ishater the good of love, and fertility because Gilgamesh rejected her hand in marriage regarding her foulness. “‘… the bull of heaven bellowed and Uruk shook and Enkidu fought the bull… Gilgamesh fought…’” (33-36). This portrays that heroes will do anything for their people to save them from the terror of the world. Also demonstrates that with hardship only one cannot perceive, but with a companion anything is possible, because companions have an established bond that cannot be broken, they will fight with their

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