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Mady Smith Core A/B December 4th Chad Langford Mystery Chad Langford was a Military Police officer who was found outside of his police car, nearly dead on March 12 1992. He was found, along with his belongings, such as his gun under his left shoulder, his bloody Military Police cap stuffed in his mouth, handcuffs locked on his left hand, and the words "March 3rd Robert" written on his left hand. There are a couple of theories that may show what happened to Langford on the terrible night. The first of the two theories is that Langford committed suicide. The second theory is that a gang of drug dealers killed Langford. In the following paragraphs, these two theories can be explained. Many people think that Langford committed suicide, including the US Army. Firstly, according to Langford's ex- girlfriend, he had reportedly been hanging out with "rough" looking people. These people he had been hanging out with, may have influenced him to commit suicide. A second piece of evidence is that he broke up with his girlfriend to protect her from the undercover work that he was doing. His ex-girlfriend confirms this is true. He really loved her, so, he did not want to…show more content…
But besides that, I found that my research process has been very interesting because all of the theories were very different from each other. After I finished researching about Chad Langford, I concluded that I think that the theory of Langford getting killed by the gang of drug dealers is the best, because I feel the evidence is stronger. The reason why I feel that the evidence is stronger is because Langford's dad stated that Langford said that if the drug dealers found out about him, then they would kill him. That was the turning point for me when I was debating on what theory seemed the most plausible. All in all, I think that a gang of drug dealers murdered Chad Langford on March 12th

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