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Earl Sweatshirt-Hive-River O'Brien Earl Sweatshirt is an artist whose career isn't just defined by individuality, but has been built on it. As a young teenager Earl was a troubled kid. With a mother that refused to understand him and a father that was constantly away on business Earl turned to music as a source of release and acceptance. This lead to his first home made mixtape "kitchen cutlery" witch although was never a money maker of him it gained wide spread critical acclaim and the attention of Tyler the Creator who later brought him onto the odd future crew. This was the start of Earl's career as a professional musician. Before his own album was released he was featured on the Odd Future collaborative "Oldie". After that Earl was brought into the studio to…show more content…
Hive's dark ominous tone and slightly awkward and slow lyrical delivery makes it sound refreshingly unpolished. Earl's verse is the song is used to illustrate his image and personality as a menace. An example of this from the song is when Earl says "the description doesn't fit if not a synonym of menace" meaning that menace (or a synonym of menace) is the description fit for his personality. He also talks about his view on the rap world today and how he compares himself to other rappers. The lyric "still in the business of smacking' up little rappers" tells us that his view on other rappers is that they inferior to him and what he describes as "smacking up" shows he's showing no respect for any rapper he feels is ber1eath him. In the chorus Earl goes on to talk about what his life was like in the Ghetto before he became rich and famous like selling drugs and getting in fights. We see this in the lyrics when he says "tryna boost raw chronic" meaning that he used to sell cannabis to make a living before he was rapping. The other part of the song is the verse by the widely unknown by Casey Veggies. In Casey's

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