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Equiano’s Travels: Slavery Olaudah Equiano was a man that was familiar with the entire system of slavery from Africa to the Middle Passage to plantation life in the West Indies and United States. He was born in a little village in the east of Africa, where he lived until he turned 10 years old. Having no idea of what happened outside his village, he was kidnapped and became a slave. Equiano from this day on lives a life around slavery, either being a slave or working to abolish slavery. There are different topics to comment and discuss about Equiano’s life. This paper is going to discuss about the differences between slavery in Africa and the New World according to Equiano’s experiences, what he thought about slavery and whether he is completely against it or not. Slavery was not only exercised by Europeans as most of the people think, but in Africa and other parts of the world too. Equiano wasn’t born a slave. His father was actually a very important man in the village they lived in, having many slaves of his own. These slaves were not just chosen…show more content…
He was completely against not only in his mind, but also actively as an abolitionary when he gained his freedom. He understood why it existed. Slavery is very good for the economy not only the West Indies but for the world. Even though slavery is good for the economy, Equiano thinks that the ways in how people is treated under this system are not to be used under any circumstance since all humans are the same under God’s eyes. Equiano even has an idea that could have been done to abolish slavery during his days. He said that if Africa was exploited for its raw materials it would be a source of cash flow that would be almost infinite. If Africans were to be taught how to make these materials productive for the Englishmen, Africans would stay in Africa instead of being slaved somewhere else in the world, thus making the abolishment of slavery a universal

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