Abuse Of Power In George Orwell's 1984

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In relation to the themes of 1984, by George Orwell, the government today acts as if its power is almighty, like Big Brother. Today our government has this idea that to impose protection, they must eavesdrop and manipulate the people in order to show they have the power to control everyone and everything. Throughout the novel, Orwell characterizes the themes of 1984 through the despair and automatons of the people in Oceania. To think that Oceania is what is sociably acceptable to live in, would be and understatement. The themes influenced in 1984 are full of despair. Arranged marriages for example is influenced in third world countries and it reflects Julia and Winston not being able to marry each other. Along with that the children are manipulated by being spies in…show more content…
Telescreens are used to spy on an individuals life, to make sure they aren't committing crimes. In a sense they its very unorthodox, to think of one spying on you, however it shouldn't?t matter if you're not involved in criminal activity, you shouldn't?t have anything to worry about. Also, the torture that occurs when Winston and Julia get caught, would be considered extremely unconstitutional. To support my counterargument, when the theme soulless automatons comes to mind, the he idea of people living in Oceania. Nobody can control the way one may think. Although one may consider the well-being of Oceania to be what life is now, is debatable. For example, today were going through oppression of the Sodomite Suppression Act although its unconstitutional people agree with the idea of executing the LGBT activists. This relates to Winston and Julia falling in love even though it's against the parties rules. Also another controversy would would be the gun control act,which relates to the safety of the people of

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