Compare And Contrast Big Brother By George Orwell

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Family Feud: Brother Edition George Orwell and Cory Doctorow's works both surround topics that continue to be relevant in today's society. In George Orwell’s 1984, man named Winston lives in a community that is manipulated by a dictator⋅like organization called Big Brother. Winston’s beliefs do not parallel those of Big Brother, and this eventually leads to his demise. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow expresses the near futures dependance on security and how freedom and human rights can be taken from people without their knowledge. These themes are explored through a seventeen year old boy named Marcus Yallow, who sees the corruption behind the Department of Homeland Security who fabricates false information to rule by fear. These two books were written as warnings of the evil of large organizations control and the power of technological advancements. As society grows, the fictional aspects of these books have become parallel to those…show more content…
In a futuristic San Francisco, everyone has been trained to be ignorant and stay in a constant state of fear of terrorist strikes. The all-powerful corporation that leads this fear is the DHS, or Department of Homeland Security. The DHS has the power to track the websites people visit and can put surveillance cameras in residential homes if they deem it necessary. Surprisingly, all of society is okay with this. This idea of little-to-no privacy does not seem to comfort Marcus Yallow, a rebellious teenager, in the way it does everyone else. Throughout the novel, Marcus has many disputes with his father on security. Marcus believes it is an invasion of privacy and goes against human rights. On the other hand, Marcus' father believes Marcus is too young to understand that the Department of Homeland Security is here for their protection. Doctorow wrote this to show how slowly our world and lives could turn into this world of Little

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