Macbeth And The Tempest

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Explore the struggle/desire/theme of power and how it is presented in ‘Macbeth’ and ‘The Tempest’. In ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare many characters desire and struggle for power. ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare is set in a time when England was colonising the globe and was building the start of the British Empire. ‘Macbeth’ is set at the same time in numerous locations across Scotland. People at the time were highly religious, superstitious and believed in witchcraft and spirits. This is evident in the plays as Shakespeare often refers to magic, mythical creatures and witches. In ‘The Tempest’ Prospero used to be the Duke of Milan in his old life but his brother Antonio took that power from him. The metaphor which Prospero…show more content…
In ‘The Tempest’ Gonzalo said that if he had control over the island he would turn it into a utopia and only use products that the island made. “I’th the commonwealth I would by contraries execute all things: for no kind of traffic would I admit.” Gonzalo’s desire for a utopia resembles a communist society. In ‘Macbeth’ once Macbeth is the king of Scotland he kills everyone below him who could be a threat to his throne including his best friend Banquo and his son to ensure his sons become future kings. This shows how intent he is on keeping this knew found power as he will go to any length to keep it from…show more content…
The stage directions in ‘The Tempest’ show the audience that the characters have power without them even having to speak. This would have a good effect on the audience at the time of the play. Likewise in ‘Macbeth’ Shakespeare uses stage directions at critical points to show a characters thoughts and their power, “She turns… to find Macbeth, his arms bathed in blood and with two daggers clasped in his left hand.” This dramatic scene would have shown the audience that Macbeth is in fact capable of murder. Macbeth’s new power makes him crazy and after Banquo is killed he hallucinates seeing him at the Banquet in his castle. When Macbeth speaks to the ghost, which is invisible to the others Lady Macbeth makes excuses for her husband who often has “visions”. This shows how his power corrupted him and he feels guilty for murdering him. His conscience means that he can’t forget killing his best friend and goes mad with

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