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Maya Angelou is an african american girl, who was born in California. Due to her parents divorce, she moved when she was three years old with her brother, Bailey, to live with their grandmother, Annie, in Stamps, Arkansas. Angelou wrote an autobiography about her early years, and all the struggle and the pains that she went through for being black living in the south states. Angelou's past is full of actions and events, some of it are cheerful, but most of it are painful. As a consequence, to all these situations, the little black girl developed to a solid, and one of a kind woman that can stand up and fight for her and others right, the main three events that shaped Maya Angelou and made her a solid woman are; when her mother’s boyfriend Mr. Freeman raped her, also her…show more content…
Freeman. At first, it was hard to talk about it, considering the culture of silence and shame, especially in Maya’s era. Eventually, Angelou decided to talk to the world about her experience, as a result, Angelou opened the door for more women to step up and talk, for that reason, Maya Angelou considered an iconic, strong, and a solid women secondly, when Angelou received the news about Mr.Freeman’s death, possibly by Angelou's uncles. Angelou stopped talking to everybody for five years, as a result of her guilt and belief that her words in testifies at Freeman's trial had caused him his life. After what he did to her, she still has a clean conscience due to her beautiful ego. Finally. Angelou lived in a junkyard with some homeless teenagers for almost a month, because she got into a violent altercation with her father’s fiancee, Dolores Stockland. when she got accepted by the homeless group, she felt like she just found herself, and gained self-esteem and confidence in herself, for this reason, Angelou is consider a solid woman, she always find her way to move

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