Aboriginal Discrimination In Canada

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The discrimination of several individuals’ minority rights occurred in the 1900s. It began during World War I (WWI), when Aboriginal Canadians had difficulties joining the war and the government placed aboriginal children into residential schools. The discrimination carried on to the 1930s where German Nazis created an anti-Semitic feeling in Canada, leading to the bombardment to many Jews. After World War II (WWII), the discrimination of one’s minority rights continued as Viola Desmond; a Halifax business women, sat in a seat preserved for only whites and refused the charges. Finally, the beating of a black man in Los Angeles lead to a riot in Yonge Street, Toronto. Evidently the Canadian government did not do enough to protect the minority rights of their citizens that is why it took a century before any sufficient change was established.…show more content…
Recruiters thought that enemies would see them as savages and mistreat them. Furthermore, the government wanted to use this time to teach the aboriginals about Canadians ways. To do this they would set up residential schools, which would wipe the culture and language of the aboriginal children and replace it with the English language, the religion of Christianity, and Canadian customs. When requirements were not met the students were abused (Kent Se). After many years an aboriginal survivor of the residential schooling expressed the way it made her feel: “Before that, I was not afraid of the dark, but now I can’t even sleep without a light on, because it always brings me back to that time in school,”(Verna Flanders). If the Canadian government had protected the right of Verna Flanders and all the other aboriginals, the allies would have had a greater number of men and it would not have taken a century before any change was

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