A Smile As Big As The Moon Research Paper

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“Know people for who they are rather than for what they are.” (Anthony J D’Angela) In life, there are always going to be different people and no one is going to be perfect. One of the most important things about it, is that everyone should be accepted no matter what their race, culture, or religion is. Everyone should be judged equally and treated equally. In the movie A Smile as Big as the Moon, other students do not accept the kids that are in the special education class. They are made fun of on the hallways, and are laughed at when they are seen. For these students it is extremely difficult not to be accepted being that they already know they are different. The students in the special education class are not treated the same as others, and are not being accepted. Firstly, they are looked at with a strange face when they have to share a bus, or when they are walking by in the halls. When Ben keeps attempting to open his locker over and over…show more content…
Everywhere they went they were considered different and not as smart as the other students. But, as Mike is tried getting them into Space Camp he brings upon the point that they are not stupid, but that they have different ways of learning. All students that have any type of disability still have the same ability to master anything a normal student can do. All it takes is patience, acceptance, love, and respect. If all these attributes are placed in the teaching of a special education class, all of them will be as successful as any other person in the world. When the students with disabilities were accepted by others, and were accepted into Space Camp there mentalities changed completely. They had a strong yearning to do everything and willpower to prove to everyone that they are the same. Acceptance was a major part in the movie, and throughout the movie the special ed students were slowly getting accepted by more people each and every

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