Genocide And Holocaust Similarities

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Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. A comparison of the genocides in Germany and Turkey show key similarities. The determination of a group in power to kill a segment of the population for religious or cultural reasons. The use of the military or paramilitary to carry out mass killings of a huge proportion of the persecuted populations. Components of theses horrific occurrences are the aggressors and target groups, rationale and what happened, and attempts made to stop the genocide and the final outcomes. During the Holocaust in Germany, the aggressor was the Nazi party, which was lead by Adolf Hitler. Hitler actually led a political and military organization. The Nazis targeted all Jews, as well, to a lesser extent, some people of Polish descent, Slovakian, and the disabled. In Armenia, the genocide was led by a group with the Committee of Union and Progress in the governing regime and there were some officials in the Ottoman State. They targeted Armenians, based on politics, religion or culture. Specifically, they sought to kill the Christian population, which were primarily Armenians.…show more content…
During the Armenian genocide, the CUP alleged that the Armenians were a threat to the regime, as they supported Russian or Allied forces in eastern Anatolia. From 1941-1945, the Germans engaged in mass extermination. They sent Jews to concentration camps where they were murdered in gas chambers. They were also sent to work camps where many perished from disease or starvation. Nazi physicians also used Jews in medical experiments, resulting in death or severe injury. The Armenian genocide occurred in 1915-1916, where entire communities of Armenians were massacred in Eastern Anatolia. Others died during the death marches into desert
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