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Colorblind Racism is one manifestation of New Racism. It builds its lethality on not seeing color in people, but only seeing individuals, removing them from their experiences as a person of color in a radicalized society. Although people in the United States can speak say there is no racism, but there is racism that people do not notice because it has become a part of their lives this type of racism becomes more dangerous because it is inherently embedded in our daily lives. 
 Racism is a word that sparks a nerve and comes from people as close as our friends in many individuals today. As hard as it is to believe, racism is a big factor in what we as a society know as a unified America. Racism is not as obvious as it was in the past,but…show more content…
Other people believe color-blind racism is the new racism idea and still brings about racial inequality. The solution to the question will a color-blind society change the way white people view african americans and minorities? Will this change the everyday discrimination from personal opinions? People that say they are not biased against other races are the main ones that are judgmental and bias to how certain ethnicities act. Regardless of a color-blind society, there is still racial inequality and there will always be racial inequality.
 Color-blind racism is basically racism that acts as if color doesn’t matter and they are not racism, when in actuality, it happens and people are racist. White people believe that if they use color-blind racism, they aren’t racist. They don't use the word “black” and use other words to substitute for it. They forget about the word “race” and instead people will use words like ethnicity, culture, or background to make their statements not sound as harsh and raciest. Although when people use such words they believe they do not sound prejudice at the time. As some people…show more content…
In the wake of the Civil War and Reconstruction, racial segregation emerged as the defining mode of race relations that was designed to promote the overt exclusion of blacks from meaningful institutional participation and power within society in order to maintain white dominance within society. To distinguish slaves from non-slaves, government established various race classifications. Unfortunately, these classifications continued long after the Civil War amendments formally repudiated them. After all, once everyone was free to enjoy all the privileges and immunities of American citizenship, there was no longer a need to classify people by race. In imposed by the state, these classifications had become part of the way average Americans saw themselves, as well as others. Over the next half-century, scientists began to recognize that these races classifications don’t exist in nature. We had created them, to justify an inhuman system. Even as science reached these conclusions, however, these classifications played ever more important roles in American life. Poll taxes and literacy tests; separate bathroom facilities, transportation, water fountains, and neighborhoods- the entire Jim Crow system relied on these state imposed race

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