Old Man With Enormous Wings Supernatural Essay

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“ In the past, when certain events were beyond human understanding people tend to believe these events were caused by supernatural being or by a human with supernatural powers”(lassiter-4). Just like in the story “ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, the author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, uses the supernatural to catch the reader's interest. “Many mysterious occurences remained unexplained, before examine the evidence and unravel the mystery, must explore the past beliefs in the paranormal”(Lassiter-4). “The supernatural is defined as anything related to the existence of anything outside the natural world “(Dictionary.com) The supernatural is used in the story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”To emphasis the similitude of the old man to someone…show more content…
“Many of the advanced technologies we have today, radios, computers and airplanes- would have appeared “magical” to our ancestors”(lassiter-4). “Over the centuries there were many advances in metal work, inks, dyes, paints, ceramics, and glasses and the production of extracts and liquors, allspurred by alchemy”(Belings,Dhanjal-35). In the past any unusual thing that people use to do was seem as supernatural and they were called witches or even philosophers were considered out of normal. “As humans, we often seek explanations for what we do not understand to explain almost any phenomenon”(lassiter-4). In this time magic is not as usual as science, because people don't like to admit that we don't always understand something and we use to call this phenomenon paranormal or supernatural which live us the same question if is magic real or is just a name that people give to something we don`t understand. “The existence of these powers is difficult to prove scientifically, but equally difficult to

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