Victor Frankenstein Relationship Essay

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The relation between Victor Frankenstein and his creature is a relation between a child and a father instead of an inventor and his creation. Therefore a bond is formed at the moment of the creature’s “birth” between the two. Victor abandons the creature immediately at its creation leaving it in a childlike state to fend for itself and adapt his environment. In classic stories like the Jungle Book, Tarzan or the story of Rome’s founders Romulus and Remus, feral children are kids who are left in isolation and neglected of all human interactions from a young age. THey are not just something of fiction, there are real cases. The disturbing stories of the Transylvanian boy, Peter the Wild Boy, and Genie are of real people and their life experiences. Even though Frankenstein’s creature was not physically a child, at his creation he was childlike. He knew nothing of this world except for the first person who he saw, who then quickly flew from the room.…show more content…
(James) For nearly twelve years, she was either tied down to her potty chair or to a mesh sided crib in her room, her father only spoon feed her baby food and would only speak to her in barks and growls. (James) Even though she had contact with her father, he spoke more like an animal, this stunted any neurological growth she would have as a child. Babies learn so much during their first years of life, without someone to show them, they will never be able to live a normal life. When she was finally removed from her abusive home in 1970, she was sent to a children’s hospital at UCLA. (James) The specialists who worked with her received millions of dollars in grants and federal funding, but she made little progress. (James) After a few years of treatment and studies, she was eventually sent to an adult home for people with autism for her to live the rest of her life

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