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DOCTOR JACK FRASURE HYLES BAPTIST PRINCIPLES AND PREACHERS Doctor Jack Frasure Hyles was a leading independent fundamental Baptist Pastor in the Christian movement. Better known as “Brother Hyles,” he was born in Texas to a low-income upbringing and distant father relations. He later served in World War Two, met his wife Beverly Hyles, and Pastored several churches. In 1959, God called Dr. Hyles to Pastor the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. His ministry began with a rough start, however, Dr. Hyles looked to God to innovate the fundamental Baptist movement. Although there are controversies against him, Brother Hyles was a man of God that believed and innovated Baptist principles. He is survived today by his wife and four children.…show more content…
In 1972, Brother Hyles was called by God to create a Bible college to train ministers to preach the Gospel across the world. With the finical aid of Russell Anderson, Hyles-Anderson College was established in 1972. Since then, the college has not seeked any type of accreditation, seeing that an accreditation agency could have rights to the curriculum and administration of the college. Today in the 21st century, Hyles-Anderson is known as a successful Bible college that has produced great men of God. On any given Sunday, about one-thousand graduates serve in full-time ministry. Dr. Hyles set the foundation for the school, making certain that professors taught Biblical Baptist principles and…show more content…
He was constantly accused of sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. Some notable and major accusations began in 1989,when The Biblical Evangelist paper published an article accusing Brother Hyles of sexual scandals, financial allegations, and doctrinal errors. The accusation charges were denied by Brother Hyles, and responded by calling them "lies.” Brother Hyles was also accused of having an affair with his secretary, Jennie Nischik. Many other times in his ministry, Brother Hyles was accused of sin. Some controversies may have been true, however, many were never proven, and did not affect the testimony of Dr. Hyles even after his

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