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It's fair to say that she is my favorite character in the movie. The appearance of the knee sitting on the lawn, and later on the sweet and lovely and lively, let a person can not help but like the cute little girl. May be a childlike innocence, or by nature, the child even superficial "love" is so simple, because bryce deep blue eyes he launched a series of daring to him "love", bryce, shun, and we see also can not help but heart. Ha, this is the innocence years! By the sixth grade, jolie's interest in bryce was unabated, even the "abnormal behavior" of her hair, which, like, made no secret of what she was thinking. Bryce's "fight back" really took her a long time, but she ended up with a slap in the face. As you can see from the action, Julie is not going to fall in this "love" tug of war. At this time, her mind was pure, but in junior high school, she changed, began to become delicate, she knew how to think, and how a person went from appearance to heart... It's also a turning…show more content…
You never know how big the treasure is, how amazing your eyeballs are. After being attacked by malicious language in her yard, she decided to clean up her garden and rebuild it. She has a persistent drive to make the best of what you have laughed at, and to do the best you can to make your mouth feel tongue-tied and speechless. And that spirit has also succeeded in attracting a good friend, the grandfather of bryce. She had a high self-esteem, so she politely and directly explained to chet that she didn't have to help her. When she learned of this, she responded promptly, and became a good friend to chet, not because he was a bair family prejudice. She treats everyone equally, everything, everyone in her mind with clear boundaries and judgments. But, it seems like except for bryce. As she ignored bryce, she also began to think about the "whole and local" relationship. Even though bryce made such an angry behavior, she was not sure of

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