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Does the city define people or do the people define the city? The answer is both, both people and city has similar weights and effects which together, defines both of them. How street vendors, large shopping malls, skywalks that specifically serve for them, pop-up markets, temporary sport areas constructed below infrastructures reflect how Bangkok’s government concerns and Bangkokians’ behaviors which both define Bangkok city. The more significant of the usage and how large the certain Thai modern architectures are, the more they reflect how people live. Surprisingly, an uncontrollably higher rate of occupancy of cars is as well, reflects. It is a cause of traffic and loads of cars that infrastructures are not able to catch up to serve the need. Along with the maximum space of the city that obstructs the full development, turns to be one of major problems for urban planning of Bangkok city. Loose laws & Regulations and Corruption “Easy-going”, “liberal” and “flexible” labeled how Thai people truly are. It is a harsh truth that those personalities secretly affect and scope the city to…show more content…
Walking along Bangkok’s streets, it is such uniqueness that we can find Thai temples among current modern architectures which mixed and integrated together, while one building is mass production (shophouses) however one is drastically cultural since Bangkok has a long history. A shophouse become general and vernacular for Bangkok as it suits commercial needs and as well, act as a residence and require a little of land to build. It is a vernacular architectural building type that is commonly seen in areas such as urban Southeast Asia. As for the one who lives in Bangkok for whole life that has seen shophouses everywhere in Bangkok however after the wander, they actually characterize Bangkok city. All of these diversities have combined and stayed together in one piece of

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