A Burnt-Out Case

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A Burnt-Out Case is set in a leper village where the metaphor of a mental side effect of Leprosy is used throughout the book to explain the way the main character, Querry, feels. Doctor Colin explains that a Burnt-Out Case is when a leper’s disease is cured but he remains depressed and diseased mentally due to the psychological effects of leprosy and mutilation. Many other questions are discussed by the book. There are questions such as the importance of fame and the difference between discomfort and suffering. Querry comes to the leper village by boat after escaping from Europe and his life of fame and fortune. He is well known for his work as an architect, but when he comes to the village he is unknown to everyone. The remote area of the…show more content…
After he meets Ryker he is not afraid to express his dislike of him. He gravitates toward Doctor Colin who holds similar beliefs to him. Doctor Colin is an atheist while Querry borders on the edge. He mentions that Querry needs Christianity because he cares enough to debate while Doctor Colin could care less, thus not needing religion at all. Querry is also quiet. He hardly spoke a word on the steam boat that brought him to the village, he also never told anyone where he was going or why. In part one Doctor Colin is surprised when Querry makes a joke, “The doctor realized with astonishment that Querry had perpetrated a joke.” Querry expresses toward the end of the book that he would like to remain at the village for the remainder of his life to help Doctor Colin and the…show more content…
Ryker used to think of Querry as a saint, but when his wife, marie, tells him that she is pregnant with Querry’s baby he goes crazy. Although marie lied, Ryker hunts Querry down and shoots him. He is buried next to Doctor Colin’s late wife in the atheist section of the village cemetery. The irony of Querry’s death is he had just regained a reason to live and then it is taken not long after he is

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