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They were running in hope of survival, everything was a mess, the streets were crowded, fear almost consumed everyone, and screams got louder and louder with every passing second. That flaming monster-an ignited tornado-was killing everyone and destroying everything; nothing could make it have mercy on anyone or anything. Just imagine how scary a normal tornado would be so what if the tornado was on fire, even scarier. In 1983, an outrageous wind hit Great Kanto, a city in China, on a day of intense heat weather condition that soon became a huge fire whirl that ignited the whole city and killed about 38,000 people in the first 15 minutes of its formation. Fire tornadoes are due to intense heat conditions accompanied with turbulent wind. It…show more content…
People might think that the cause of deaths during a fire tornado is getting burnt by the extremely hot tornado’s flames. However, people don’t only die through getting burnt but also due to inhalation of the toxic gases produced by the fire tornado as it twirls and burns. Another way of death is due to the flaming debris carried by the air from the dragon twist. Once the debris approaches one’s body or clothes it burns it and slowly kills them. It is like the firenado is trying to torture them to death. People also die of panic or heart attacks for they couldn’t take such shocking event. In the same ways, Great Kanto deaths were 20% burnt by the flames directly, 29% due to the flying debris, 23% died suffocating, 16% of heart or panic attacks, and 12% due to other causes. In an hour the dragon twist killed 105,067 person yet many manage to survive. However, the people that survived weren’t completely fine. In fact many were injured, in shock, or developed some kind of psychological issues such as emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, painful flashbacks incase of loss of a close person, panic attacks, extreme startle reflex, etc. Hence, a fire twist leads to horrific deaths and psychological issues in case of

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