Pros And Cons Of Being A Coroner

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X Working at a coroner’s office is awesome. 1. Working at a coroner’s office is exciting. Every aspect about this job was exciting for me. Such as solving murders, doing autopsies, presenting cases in court, and learning so many new things about pathology. Although everything was exciting for me, the most exciting part about getting this job is that people my age don't normally get an opportunity to work at a coroner’s office. Most people my age are working at fast food, while I got to work somewhere with dimension and somewhere that is helping me with my future career. I want to become a pathologist, a coroner’s assistant, when I get out of college. So getting this job was very exciting for me because I got experience in the field that I want to go into, rather than going into it blind.…show more content…
While working at a coroner’s office is exciting it is also very interesting. It is interesting because there are so many different things that come into the office. For example, one time a body came in really burned. Even the clothes that the person had on when he died were fuzed together with his flesh. Our job was to identify the body and the cause of death. The most interesting part is that we were able to recover DNA, even though the body was almost completely burnt to crisps. We also were able to find out exactly how he died. The cause of death wasn't from burning, it was from blunt force trauma. Another interesting thing about working in a coroner’s office is what you may find inside of bodies. For example, one time the pathologist and I were looking at what the specimen ate before death. To do this, you have to empty the stomach contents into a bowl and go through it with your hands. We actually found human flesh and blood. The guy was a cannibal. It was a very interesting

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