Ghost Blimp Analysis

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INT. HAUNTED BLIMP - NIGHT PROPUS AQUAWAR and SHAM COMET have infiltrated the evil haunted blimp of MC Mac Menace, a pirate rapper who was put in prison in ‘06 by SHAM COMET’S father, GIGA SCORPIO, but not before he was frozen for eternity by MC MAC MENACE’S freeze gun of death. SHAM COMET and his faithful companion, PROPUS AQUAWAR, are searching for the amulet of Chefboyardee in the hopes that they can unfreeze GIGA SCORPIO from the icy prison of death. PROPUS AQUAWAR I don't like this Sham. It is too quiet. SHAM COMET Well, it is a ghost blimp, you know. Not much to noise. Sheyau! PROPUS AQUAWAR What was that? Why would you make that noise? SHAM COMET I am trying out a new catch phrase. DO YOU LIKE IT?! SHEYAU! PROPUS AQUAWAR Jesus,…show more content…
PROPUS AQUAWAR Its propus, dummy. MC MAC MENACE Yeah, whatever. I see Burnt Popcorn Man has failed to kill you. This comes as no surprise to me. He is as stupId as he is a moron. SHAM COMET We’re here to defeat you, Mc Mac Menace! MC MAC MENACE Really? Well, in that case I guess I'll have to surrender. Just then, MC MAC MENACE threw a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese at them, and proceeded to go in his death chopper. He grabbed GIGA SCORPIO with his death hook, and carried him away. PROPUS AQUAWAR He’s getting away, Sham! SHAM COMET Not if I can help it. Call in Shamodockele! MC MAC MENACE drove his helicopter right through the roof of the prison, carrying GIGA SCORPIO with him. Not soon after he called for SHAMMODOCKELE, a gigantic iron horse with jet wings, flew in. SHAMMODOCKELE Hurry! Get on my back. I will catch Mac Menace. They did what SHAMMODOCKELE said and climbed aboard. They flew out the hole in the roof and quickly caught up to MC MAC MENACE’S death chopper. They follow MC MAC MENACE to an island shaped like a coffee stain. They disembark SHAMMODOCKELE and pursue MC MAC MENACE. EXT. FRENCH FRY ISLAND -

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