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Mere Christianity is a collection of four books written from the wisdom by C.S Lewis. The three books are comprised of three different moral teachings that Lewis expands on and explains. The first being “Right and Wrong”. The second is ‘What Christians Believe”. The third book is “Christian Behavior”. The fourth and final book is “Beyond Personality”. All of the books provide a deeper understanding into the Christian faith. The steady theme throughout book I is Human Nature/Law. According to Lewis we have an instinct of right and wrong. We know when we break these laws but we do it again and again. We of course feel guilty after words but we revert. Although our moral code is very important it is not concrete like scientific law. What one man might find rude, another man from another family or culture might find acceptable and even normal. All code stems from the same concepts but culture does play a part in how we al interpret it. “In Christianity we begin in despair, and end in comfort”(Lewis). The second book is all about what Christians believe. Humans as a whole all believe in something, whether it be science, gods, or God like Christians and other monotheistic religions. Lewis explains the struggle between good (God) and bad (the devil) and how the religion evolved over time. He went into depth about…show more content…
Lewis says we have morals and act of them for three reasons; to keep harmony amongst humans, to constantly improve that harmony, and for maintaining human life in general. There are many categories of morality, including social, and sexual morality. It also includes the list of four pivotal virtues; which are prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. Book three also covers the depth of Christian marriage. Lewis explains how man and woman become one flesh through marriage. Loving is different than being in love, we love God but we aren’t in love with him. There is a clear line. The love of God is split into 3

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