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I’m not quite sure if you or anyone for that matter has ever taken the time to notice but have you ever realized or wondered when you're jamming out to your favorite song or the surround sound slaps you out of your seat while watching your favorite movie. Do you know how important this type of sound, “stereo”, is? Well if you have never gone into that kind of deep thinking I am here to reveal to you that reason. It is all thanks to a man by the name of Alan Blumlein. Let me explain. Alan Blumlien is the 20th-century pioneer of a variety of technologies who was also inspired to invent “stereo” after a visit to the theatre. While at the movies with his wife, he began to become frustrated that the sound coming from the screen was from a single…show more content…
Ironically enough he recorded the Orchestra at the EMI studios, which later on became known as “Abbey Road Studios” in 1970, named after The Beatles’ 1969 world-renowned album. Is that not mind-blowing enough? One of the most famous studios known to date was actually the first studio a stereo piece was recorded in. Just fascinating! The studio was also known for commemorating Blumlein's contribution to audio technology later in time. Sadly enough, like all good things, they come to an end. Blumlein unfortunately did not live to see the eternal impact his many innovations had. He was killed on 6/7/1942 when the “Halifax” bomber he was flying in crashed during a testing of the “H2S”, surface-to-air, radar system. He was 38. Nonetheless, still to this day Blumlein's innovations are still in use. According to Blumlien’s grandson the engineers at Abbey Road and other majo/minor studios still use his grandfather's recording technique, “the Blumlein pair”. He also adds that even every single day he sees people post pictures online of themselves at home like amateur drummers for example, placing their microphones in a “Blumlein pair

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