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Tom Ailabouni 7/28/2015 THL 107 Depiction of Christ between the books of Matthew and Mark The books of Matthew and Mark, as was tradition in those days we spoken and passed down from person to person. It was not until later that these books were written down. However, the depiction of Jesus in these books did vary. Although there are some similarities, there are many differences. In this document the books of Matthew and Mark will be compared to show similarities and differences in the way Jesus was described. In both books Jesus in proclaimed the Son of God, but in Matthew his lineage is describe while in Mark it is just told to the reader. In Matthew Jesus is described as a “carpenters son” (Mk 13:55) while in Mark he is “the carpenter”…show more content…
While talking about Jesus being popular and people following him from place to place, Mark did not speak of as many miracles. He talked of healing the bind man (Mk 8:22-26), healing the leper (Mk 1:40-45), casting out the unclean spirit (Mk 1:23-28) and others. However, Mark seems like it was written more to excite people and motivate them. It talks of an important figure and describes all the great things he did. Matthew instead seems to be more of a history. Both talk of similar stories but Jesus is much more of a popular person in…show more content…
(Mt 16:21) In Mark this is almost exactly the same. It reads, “Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders”. (Mk 8:31) So, in both books it seems very important to get this point across in the same way. Since they were written at different times and by different people, the fact that these lines are almost identical says that this point is key. Jesus did come here for us. He came to suffer for us and be offered for us. Although he is divine, he is also human and faces the pain and suffering that comes with being human. Jesus is the Son of God and he even stated “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. (Mt 28:18) Yet, he is willing to suffer for

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