Mcaeary County Research Paper

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McCeary County is situated in the southern part of the beautiful Kentucky Highlands. This county is made up of the most awesome sights, sounds, and touch that the emotions can feel. The county is made up mostly of the Daniel Boone National Forest, and has many interesting people and places to visit. This land is inhabited with many exciting wonderful tourist attractions, such as the Cumberland Falls and many other great wonders. Like any other southern county, it boast the glory of God's fantastic Creation. You will see many things as you enter this county. From afar off you would be able see the beautiful Kentucky hills that are famous…show more content…
After you get through complaining why the road is so curvy and speed limit so slow; you would start to see the houses and farms that people live in. When you stop to perceive one of these old rickety houses, you might detect that the house is in need of some tender loving care. Then you observe an old worn tractor int the yard and children enjoying the bright afternoon sun. You decide to go on a little hike down the worn trail that can see off to the side of the road. You start to hike up the trail when you notice you are not alone anymore. Animals and bugs lurk on every side. You may happen to see a big brown bear and run for your life, but you will see and hear…show more content…
The rocks on the ground floor feel rough to your barefoot feet as you make you way down the trail to the riverside. The guide kindly and firmly shout out orders as you prepare to go rafting. You know that it is going to be a dangerous and fun trip down the Cumberland River. The raft is wet as you sit down into it. The water is nice and cool on this hot summer afternoon. The guide leads the raft into the rapids that you will have to conquer the whole rest of the trip. The rapids jerk you up and down, and suddenly you fall out. Everything is just a solid sea of water as you try to swim frantically through the foaming rapids. You can feel the rocks slide by your feet so close that you might get caught. Then you feel your hand grasp the handle of your guides paddle and he pulls you in to safety at last. What a relief it is to hear the sounds of everyone else on board. Of course everyone is talking about your absence from the raft. They all ask you if you are hurt and gladly you are not hurt. After the raft ride, which went well the rest of the time, you determine that it would be best

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