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Some old buildings are referenced as historic, elegant works of art, while others are creepy messes. Westminster Inn of Westminster, Maryland is the latter. Westminster is full of historic buildings, but they are not pretty. Many buildings in Westminster have been renovated and preserved to meet safety codes and to keep the little town charm. Westminster Inn has now been upgraded to a highly praised prom and wedding dress boutique, Love It! at Stella’s. The exterior of Love It! looked exactly like it did back when Westminster Inn was open. Dirty, dark brick covered the entire building. Moss had grown all of the way up to the top of the building in some parts. The back of the building was worse than the front and sides. The brick was darker and dirtier from not having been cleaned.…show more content…
The entrance was crowded and staged improperly. There was a small, dated seating area right in front of the doors and two rooms off of both sides and a door across the hallway. The front desk was small with papers and files littered across. The seating area included two upholstered dated chairs and dated knick-knacks. Thick, rich green carpet lined the floor. The crème wall paper with a swirled design certainly aged the place. The high ceilings were garnished with a beautiful crown molding. On the left were prom dresses. The room itself was a good size. The accents were tasteless. The ceiling covered in a cheap metallic looking design with chalkboard clad walls. A somewhat spiral stairway was in the center of the room leading to a downstairs changing room. Downstairs, the carpet was a rich, royal blue. The walls were a plain white. There were four dressing areas all adorned with black, velvet curtains for doors. The light fixtures were antique and clashed with the rest of the room. The odor that emitted from the building is one that might be associated with the elderly. The inside is just like the inside:

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