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Introduction The 8th was the largest bomber force of all time and the first air forced raised for an offensive purpose. Additionally, it was the largest unit in World War II (WWII)1. They where the spearhead of American involvement in the European conflict during WWII and were a battle field multiplier allowing the Allied armies to invade the European continent. The 8th also spearheaded and wrote the doctrine on high altitude daylight precision bombing. History The 8th Air Force started its life named VII Bomber Command. The unit was activated as part of the U.S. Army Air Force on 01 February 1942 in Langley, VA2. On 20 February 1942 the VII Bomber Command set up Headquarters at a former girls school in High Wycombe, England. This is where they would plan and execute the American daylight, precision, and strategic bombing campaign over Nazi-occupied Europe3. The 8th Army Air Force was under the command Brigadier General Ira Eaker, who was noted for his diplomacy4. The 8th’s tactical units did not arrive in England until the spring of 1942. By early May…show more content…
Above 20,000 feet, temperatures plunged below zero. The aircraft cabins lacked heating and pressurization, resulting in flight crew wearing electrically heated suites that routinely failed. The crew also wore self-regulating oxygen systems but due to the subzero temperatures inside the plane the oxygen lines would freeze. This would lead the crew of the aircraft to suffer from hypoxia, which if not caught quickly resulted in the crew’s death, or cause the pilots to lose control of the aircraft13. The aircraft engines were also turbo-supercharged which allowed the aircraft the ability to fly at such high altitudes without loss of power. The supercharger permitted a greater mass of air and fuel mix to be thrust into the cylinders at high altitudes were the air was so

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