Ancient Greek Boxing Essay

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“The Olympian Games means the greatest of the games or festivals of Ancient Greece, held every four years in the plain of Olympia in Ellis, in honor, of Zeus.” The Ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern games today. There were different kinds of games in Ancient Greece. Ancient boxing was different than normal boxing. It does not have that many rules than the modern sport. They did not have rounds. They just fought until one man was knocked out or they had to admit that they were beaten. There was no rule for hitting the other person when they were down. Chariot racing were played with a two horse chariot and a four horse chariot races. They separate races for chariot drawn by each foul. Another kind of race was between carts with two mules. The race…show more content…
The event was mixed with boxing and wrestling. This sport was only played with men and boys. Punches were allowed like boxing. Pentathlon is just five sports combined. Five events were contested on one day, discus throwing, long jump, javelin throwing, running, and wrestling. Pentathlon athletes were considered to be among the most skilled athletes. Discus throwing is a sport of pentathlon. Discus throwing is player by discus throwers threw a circular stone and then later they throw a circular shape made of iron, lead, or bronze. The same way this sport was played in ancient Olympics is similar as it’s played today. Jump was a sport in ancient Greece. This is long jump; it’s played by the jumper carries a weight in both hands. The jumper would swing the weight as he jumped and let go to the weight as he landed. Athletes used lead or stone jump weights to increase the length of their jump. Jump weights were doubled as weights were doubled as weights lifting equipment during training. Javelin throwing is a sport used for hunting and warfare. Javelin was a weapon. This sport is played by throwing a pointed pole or stick for

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