60's Impact On America

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The sixties were a time of prosperity, new ideas, important movements and great achievements. In these next 7 paragraphs you will learn about the political social topics of the time as well as new music , and new trends and fads of the decade .Through the good times of miniskirts , and Beetle Mania, and the bad times of the after effects of the Kennedy assassination , and the struggles in vietnam . America continued to develop,advance,and stay strong as a nation .These events had a lasting impact on America. The 1960’s helped form the America we know and love today. This impact occurred and lasted because of the science and technology advancements, political and social events and the new trends in American culture. One event that represents…show more content…
Some of America's most iconic bands and events got their ideas in the 60’s, The year is 1964 the Beatles had over 31 songs on the billboard charts in a 12 month period. They were the first British Boy Band and one of the most iconic bands of the 60’s. In New York a toy company was said to be making 1500 Beatles Wigs a day. Also, in 1964 an all girl group had 2 number one hits. Where did our love go? , And Baby Love made the charts. At the time for an all girl group to be that popular was a great achievement. The first music festival was held on 1967 and was the start of a million dollar current trending activity. Did you know that popular 60’s artist Tina Turner’s real name was Annie Bullock, or that the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr's real name was Richard Starkey. The top most well liked artist of the 1960’s are as follows: 6. The Beach Boys, 5. James Brown, 4. Jimmy Hendrix, 3. Bob Dylan, 2. The Rolling Stones, 1. The Beatles. The music on the 1960’s was influential moving and rebellious but the trends and fads of the 60’s were even more out there as more people wanted to change and move on from the 1950’s

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