Becoming A Homicide Veteran Law Enforcement Officer

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Homicide detectives are veteran law enforcement officers who have advanced in rank throughout years and years of training. A homicide detective investigated murders and tries to help solve them. They most likely work for police departments. The first mission of a homicide detective is to solve the case. They start by trying to identify what happened, how it happened, and who is responsible. Interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and getting through all of the confusing facts are all important parts of the job. Homicide detectives are not superheroes and can’t always solve the case but that doesn’t mean they don’t work their hardest, but even in these cases, the detective’s work in building up a file and checking out all possible avenues of answers is very…show more content…
Most importantly keep your work life and home life completely separate. In order to become a homicide detective you should possess strong communication skills, the ability to remain objective, and should possess the patience and the empathy necessary to work through the often long and emotional process of a homicide investigation. Family and friends of the homicide victim, the general public, and the media will expect immediate resolution, which isn’t realistic. Military experience can also help you in becoming a detective. The minimum education requirements to become a homicide detective are a high school diploma, law enforcement certification, and experience as a sworn law enforcement officer. Many agencies, however, require that homicide detectives have at least a two or a four-year degree in criminal justice, forensic science, or a related field, and experience as a sworn law enforcement officer. In order to become a detective you first need to meet the department standards then become a police officer. Once a police officer you can get promoted up to higher positions such as a

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