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Joan Baez song "We Shall Overcome" sings about social justice. The early years of her career were at the time the Civil Rights Movement was becoming a prominent issue. "We Shall Overcome" was known as one of the "Civil Rights Anthem's" and was sang at many rallies and protests. In 1965 she opened a school to teach nonviolent protest, and was moved to tears by Martin Luther King Jr's speech and wanted to express in nonviolent way's that we should not discriminate. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Im not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming Lord." In this song Baez is saying we can overcome this, and have peace without violence just as Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to convey. I think Joan was an amazing…show more content…
With his loud, obnoxious tone and his crazy dance movements, he made sure that his voice was heard. James Brown was trying to influence black people to stand up and fight for their rights, and encouraged blacks to protect themselves in any way possible. This relates to Malcolm X's quote, "This thing will be resolved with me through death and violence" because it is telling black people that they should fight back any way they can, even if it involved violence or even death. Malcolm X was in opposition of Kings nonviolent protests, and believed that blacks were superior to whites and was for segregation. He was a symbol of black pride and social protest, just as the song "Say it Loud" influenced black…show more content…
The 60's was the decade of the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and Peace and Revolution. These soul songs extended into clothing and hairstyles, soul foods, and slang vernaculars that essentially became an identification with the movement. Soul music was the emotional expression of the black experience, it conveyed pride, struggle, love ecstasy, hope, pain, and sorrow. It also had heavy influence from gospel and contained powerful rhythm. Folk songs in the 60's were committed to poltical and social issues, it leaned more towards political activism with its thought provoking lyrics. Some of the more contemporary music with attitudes towards race are Bob Marley, with his song "Buffalo Soldier" which was released in 1984. In this song Marley is speaking out for the African American's who aren't treated equal. "Buffalo Soldier" was a name given to black soldiers who fought in the 10th Calvary in 1866. This song is to voice that African Americans were instrumental in building America, even though they were brought here against their will and have had to fight for survival here every since. Another on is Hootie and the Blowfish song "Drowning" which sings of hating everyone else because they don't look like you. Creed sang the song "One" which sings about unity, and how society is blinded by color. There are

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