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I’d like to begin the conclusion of this book by stating how much I love my job and how truly honored I am to have so many people place their trust in me. I can’t imagine a more rewarding profession. This is why I have decided to reveal some insider information, or trade secrets about cosmetic surgery practice today. Many in the field would argue that this should not be revealed to the public. However, I feel a strong moral obligation to be honest and fully transparent with my patients and prospective patients. It is solid facts that patients can make informed decisions that are good for themselves and their loved ones. I frame these secrets in the context of 5 questions you must ask your plastic surgeon before having surgery, and then conclude with 5 highly classified secrets. The 5 Most Important Questions You Must Ask…show more content…
However, there are certain procedures that I never performed again once I left my training program. For example, I haven’t performed a cleft lip repair since I was a chief resident, but I perform nearly 10 breast augmentations every week. Likewise, a pediatric plastic surgeon may perform cleft lip repairs weekly, but never do breast implants. The point is that you want your surgery to be done by someone who performs that procedure very frequently and has a mastery of the subtle nuances that come with any procedure. You want a specialist. I specialize in facial cosmetic surgery, breast surgery and tummy tucks. I also perform other procedures, like the Brazilian Butt Lift, once or twice a month. I feel very capable with those procedures and think I am safe and do a good job. But I would not claim to be an international authority or specialist, and I inform every patient of the fact that I specialize in certain procedures like breast augmentation and not in

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