Women Oppression In Society

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Female oppression is considered as an old and recent issue, starting from the era of ignorance until these modern days, the periods of female oppression are different but the factors are corresponding. In the Arab societies, there is a famous argument that says the position of women is a measured progress of any society. But despite the prestige value that women have, the other half of the society do bad works against women that diminish the importance and status of women in the society, also destroy the female entity in our life. To explain more, the USA and UK societies, Muslim women also suffer from cover issue. Moving to the Middle East societies that I will focus on, lack of education and isolation in social and political life are some…show more content…
Because of the compassion and kind hearts that women have, it makes women one of the main reasons for violence, which make men more persistent and daring. As a result average of violence certainly, increases. “More girls were killed in the last 50 years, precisely because they were girls than men killed in all the wars in the 20th century. More girls are killed in this routine gendercide in any one decade than people were slaughtered in all the genocides of the 20th century” (Kristof, 2009). That means brutal violations that women face, are the largest human rights problems in this century. Nevertheless, all human rights, international organizations continuously make conferences on human rights around the world, moreover, female oppression doesn't include only beating women and robbed their rights, it also includes ignoring health care and how society deals with them. Why these organizations don’t look for the female oppression issue and solve it? Where are the female rights that they speak about? So when women are silent regarding these acts and do not show any reaction they will continue for injustice, because the aggressor is not faced with rejection or resistance. According to statistics that amnesty international made, 35% of women and girls around the world suffer from sexual violence, in Jordan & Tunisia 47% of women suffering…show more content…
In contrast, zoom in and scaled the male role. Where the right is always given to the community of male dominance and the Sultanate and the practice of violence on a female since childhood, and female accustom to accept it and carry it and bow to him as they do not carry a sin except that she was born female. Exactly that what happened in the Middle East nations, they suffer from a dependency in the life events, in the past, it was considered that man upper than women, and I mean the man has higher status than a woman in the society. But let us look for the female oppression before coming off the Islamic, Arabic men’s were buried girls alive, because they believed that if a woman gives a birth girl, that means the God serious for you, because of that man considered girl is a shame and must be eliminated. Consequently, men ignore how to deal with others and lack of respect, and what women’s right are, duties is considered as an essential factor for violence. The Jordanian Solidarity Institute, said that early marriage in Arabic countries between 2000 - 2011 follow like this (Follows Algeria (1.8%), Djibouti (5.4%), Egypt (16.6%), Iraq (17%), Jordan (10.2%), Lebanon (11%), Morocco (15.9%), Palestine (18.9%), Somalia (45.3%), and Sudan (34%) Syria (13.3%) and Yemen (32.3%)). The reasons for

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