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Ideas and economics have played a major role in the Americas. From European entrance to the Americas through the mid- 19th century, However; economics played a more significant role in shaping what we call today America. In the mid 19th century the Americas was flourishing with new ideas and economical relations. In the entrance to the Americas through the mid 19th century factors such as trade and the exchange of goods, land and land ownerships, war, and even taxes played a huge role in economics. Trade is an important factor in economics and helped shape the Americas. Europeans began to trade amongst other regions. Things that were being traded range from humans, plants, animals, food and other substances. The circulation of these goods…show more content…
Land was very important during this time because it was used to grow crops and even important for having places for the slaves to be retained. There were many controversies over who owns the land whether it was the Indians or the Europeans. People began to purchase the land the more land they had the more profitable they would become because they would be able to use the land to acquire more things such as slaves, places, crops etc. Indians and Europeans had many conflicts with each other over land because they both had different views on…show more content…
For example, the whiskey rebellion took place during this time and it was Alexander Hamilton’s way of trying to reduce national debt. When this tax was passed it affected farmers during this time tremendously. Farmers in western Pennsylvania, refused to pay the tax, and towns sent petitions to state and federal officials asking the tax to be repealed(EAH 218). When this did not work, angry farmers resorted to violence(EAH218). Tax collectors were tarred and feathered, groups of farmers burned the homes of tax officials in western counties, and armed rebels attacked neighbors who supported the whiskey tax(EAH218). Another act that involved taxes was the Stamp Act in 1764. The announcement of the Stamp Act in 1764 ignited widespread protests throughout the colonies(EAH 144). The Stamp Act was a law that required residents to pay a tax on printed paper such as pamphlets, contracts,wills, and even legal documents. Colonial governments petitioned Parliament for its repeal, crowds attacked stamp agents and distributors, broadsides and newspapers denounced “taxation without representation,” and boycotts and mass demonstrations were organized in major cities, some of which turned violent(EAH144). Taxes are an important part of todays economy as well . Taxes are revenues to the government and is used for many things. Therefore, taxes is another reason why economics played a huge

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