George Orwell 1984 Analysis

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In the book 1984 by George Orwell, many themes have to do with despair and the quell future of mankind. I have to agree with Orwell, and the future of all man may result in despair due to them being under control of a government that claims to provide them with freedoms that they do not entirely receive. The people, mainly the Outer Party, are being regulated and brainwashed by the Inner Party to be completely in love with Big Brother, and have nothing but respect for him. It is quite possible that things like this could occur today, with the technology and sinister acts people are capable of doing. Today, people aren’t forced into jobs they do not choose. But in communist countries, lots of people are forced into work they do not want to fulfil. Most…show more content…
These acts occur in countries such as: North Korea and China. I believe it is very possible that a country in the world will resort to brainwashing its citizens to like the figure(s) that is/are in control. Not everyone will respect their leader(s), but there are plenty of countries in the world that do not provide them with a choice. They respect those with power, and with either obey, or revolt. Though I believe governments may eventually turn this way, there will always be people that do not agree, and are willing to do something about it. In 1984, Winston Smith was that person. He saw that what the leaders of Oceania were doing, was unjust, and he was taking initiative by joining what he thought was the Brotherhood. He learned soon after that who he thought was his ally, was actually the prime opponent. Overall, I believe Orwell was right in predicting that the future of man and free-will are at stake. The people of Oceania were all altered, one-by-one, until they all act almost like robots only doing things that benefit the Party. They focus on the strongest, most intelligent, and most valuable people first. The weak, dumb, old and poor made up the majority of the population, but were incapable of
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