1950s Gender Roles

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In the 1950s television mothers were portrayed differently than they are today.The role of mothers in television sitcoms has changed significantly from 1950s to 2000s. The depiction of the TV families influenced society in the 1950s by creating the mother's image as who is always submissive to the authority figure, the father.Which made the society believe that the father is always the dominant figure in the house. In the 1980s, television sitcoms showed mother equal to the father which influenced the society to give women more responsibilities just like the men. The comedy shows in the year of 2000s started to bring out the idea that the mothers can be the dominant in the household. The sitcoms effected positively for the society to accept…show more content…
The sitcom Leave it to Beaver is the ideal comedy show that perfectly exemplifies the mothers in the 1950s. Leave it to Beaver is an American television sitcom about an inquisitive boy named Theodore, who loves to adventure at home, in school and around his suburban neighborhood. The family members are Theodore,nicknamed Beaver, and his parents, June and Ward Cleaver,and Beaver's brother, Wally. The mother, June Cleaver, is a housewife, which her main role is to clean the house and make meals for the family. The Episode, School Sweater, June asks ”Oh Ward, what do we do? I hope that girl stops bothering wally”and Ward replies”Dear, we just have to face it. He's going to be interested in lots of girls and one of these days, he'll end up marrying one”, then June says”I guess so...”.The husband, Ward, is the decision-maker in the home and she rarely interferes with his decisions or contributes her ideas. June is always formally dressed while doing her daily housework. In the episode, Beaver Finds a wallet, “You know, both of you boys should watch your grammear” ,she is refined and speaks politely. She is always calm and respectful. As shown in the sitcom Leave it to Beaver, the mothers are alsways
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