I Love Lucy: Gender Roles In Pop Culture

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Pop culture plays a significant role in today’s entertainment driven society. It serves as a platform that depicts the issues surrounding race, gender, and more specifically the way gender roles are identified in our generation. By examining gender in television one is able to breakdown the stereotypical walls associated with gender, specifically women, which today’s society has come accustomed to. As one of the first sitcoms to idealize women as a stereotypical “Housewife,” I Love Lucy, stands as a negative representation of the gender role of women in the 1950s. The character Lucy is one with many aspirations from making it in show business to everyday minimum wage jobs. The role of her husband is to forbid Lucy to participate in anything…show more content…
Take The Real Housewives Series for example, the majority of the women on the show have earned their successes and fame at young ages, and through marriage have only heightened their careers. The reality stars depicted in this series are highly educated entrepreneurs who defy the roles of a stereotypical housewife, one who dedicates their time to taking care of their children, husband, and household without having to work the typical nine to five shift. Focusing on the Real Housewives of Orange County specifically the original cast were all very independent women, who redefine how society defines a housewife. Not only do these women reject this mold, but they retaliate against it. After several seasons passed a new housewife joined the cast, Alexis Bellino, she was a stay at home mom who was dependent on her husband. Her husband was very controlling which prevented her from fulfilling her desires. The women were not too fond of the way Alexis carried herself as a woman, and constantly ridiculed her for not being able to depend on herself. This example shows exactly how the roles of woman and man have switched, and how much women pride themselves on being independent and successful without the aid of a

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