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The Parent Trap Movie Analysis The movie that was chosen to evaluate is The Parent Trap. Throughout this essay, I will evaluate the movie using film terms. I will interpret them by referring to the movie and using certain scenes. To begin with, Parent Trap was first made in 1961 and remade in 1998. It is about twin sisters who didn’t know each other existed and somehow ended up at the same camp site. With them finding out that they are identical sisters, they decided to swap identities to see what the other parent that they didn’t know was like. Later on, the twins choose to reunite and make it aware to the parents that they swap lives at a hotel. When the parents came to the realization of the switch, what the twin sister wanted to happen…show more content…
When we don’t know, see or hear more than the main character it is restricted narration. As a viewer, within the first few minutes of the film we already know that Hallie and Annie are twins. But the sisters themselves don’t know that there are identical twins. The scene begins with the first day of camp and everyone is in the café. Hallie and Annie end up in the same lunch line with a Counselor standing in between them which causes an illusion of them not noticing each other. The camp counselor herself becomes confused and doesn’t realize that it is a set of twins when one leaves the line. They both were allergic to the same food, so she didn’t pick up nor question them. At this point it is strictly unrestricted because we are presented with more information than the characters have. Story and plot is commonly mistaken as the same thing. Story is the chronological order of the events that happen. A story is sternly a story only when an events something occurs. Plot is the casual and rational structure which links events. In The Parent Trap, the story is two sisters meet and switch roles. Regarding the plot on the other hand is more detailed. The plot is two sisters who didn’t know each other existed met at a camp site in the summer. They both switched roles and got their family back together to how they wanted it to be even after being

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