13 Reasons Why Analysis

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Hannah Baker was a teenager who faced betrayal, violence, guilt, and given a bad reputation based on the rumors that were spread about her in school. She committed suicide because of the situations she encountered. Betrayal, false reputations, violence, and guilt are elements that drive adolescents towards suicide in the novel Thirteen Reasons Why. Thirteen Reasons Why is about a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who arrived to a new school. She faced a lot of horrible situations that drove her to commit suicide. She thought long and hard before taking the decision. Hannah recorded videotapes, in which she talked about her reasons for killing herself. She sent these tapes to the people that drove her to make this decision. The most important recipient of the tapes was Clay Jensen, the narrator of the novel. During the novel, Clay listens to the tapes and realizes why Hannah committed suicide. Betrayal is a vital theme in the novel.…show more content…
False reputations must be put to a stop because people cannot judge another person based on rumors. Since this happened in the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, Hannah Baker became very isolated and barely talked with anyone and she also could not gain the respect she deserved. Violence is a very serious issue that a lot of women and men face and it should be stopped. Rape was also seen in this novel, which is a very severe case. A lot of women have experienced this inhumane situation and it should be stopped immediately. All of these situations in the novel make Hannah Baker take her own life, which is not the solution. Suicide is never the answer for someone’s problems. If someone is having suicidal thoughts, one should tell someone right away because one might feel like one has no other option than to leave the world, but there is always a solution in
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