Makayla Justine Goreham Auto Biography

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Auto biography It all started January 17,2001 that's when me Makayla Justine Goreham was born,I went through some struggles in my life but haven't we all?I had a hard time for 4 years or so but I over came my struggles and still may have them but I get through them. I was a normal sure I threw up when I drank milk but really that was all that was wrong with me,My mom and dad loved and cared for me every single day and supported me through everything.I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister,there names are Gabriella,brandon,Zachary,and,Tyler,being the oldest Tyler and Ella being the youngest.I was a happy kid and was smily and bubbly but I've always been quiet and more mature for my age,all the girls in my class would play with baby dolls and I was never really interested in that.I've always had a passion for music,music is everything to me,I love singing and I want to be involved with music always.I'm almost always practicing for a competition or a performances you won't ever find me not singing. My life was pretty great until I reached 3rd grade and that's when it started to crash down.

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