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ACADEMIC PAGE: The academic section is not just meant for understanding the values and morals of life; rather it revolves around imparting quality and value based education to all our educatees. The disciplines or subjects, included in our academics, are taught from the root and thus, it’s meant to create adept educators in the near future. The learning procedures involve those impeccable techniques, which are quite helpful to teach the aspiring teachers how to interact with their students and how to educate them in a proper way. Our main agenda is nothing but cater to all the requirements of our learners as they are here to mend and secure their future days. Keeping in mind their desire and requisites, all our faculty members are bound to offer them the best, that they can, from their end. Developing the…show more content…
Besides, separate study rooms are offered to the boarding students that allow them to be prepared for their examinations. Moreover, it is considered to be a their second home. Canteen: College canteen is there to proffer the students delicious and healthy foods according to their food habits. Along with sumptuous meal different types of lip-smacking snacks, soft drinks and other beverages are provided to the students in pocket-friendly ranges. Students Activities: Educational Excursion: The institute last year conducted an educational excursion at Prayag Film City. Blood Donation Camp: This popular institute organize blood donation camp every year to aware the pupils about their social responsibility. Both our students and staffs donate their blood to help out the needy ones. Annual Sports: Every year, Annual Sports gets conducted in the campus of the institute. Cultural Activities: Our students are also engaged in flaunting their co-curricular expertise by performing in annual cultural show. Railway and Bus

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