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Micah Dalton is the lead in the Micah Dalton series of detective thrillers by best-selling crime fiction author David Stone. The first novel published in the series that featured the chief protagonist Micah Dalton was The Echelon Vendetta that was first published in 2007. Micah Dalton is a CIA cleaner who works to clean up the messes of the Agency and other government arms in operations all over the world. When we are first introduced to the character in the debut novel in the series, he is a darling of the CIA as he does his job cleaning up after an agent gets in trouble, is killed, something goes terribly wrong with their mission. The first novel in the series introduces Micah Dalton as a no nonsense character who has been enlisted by…show more content…
The novel is the ultimate modern thriller with a very violent and sadistic tone that can be occasionally funny, often surprising, and convoluted. The lead gets stung with a powerful hallucinogenic right off the bat making for a roller coaster of a narrative that takes him across Europe and America to track down a vicious killer. The novel also comes with an innovative twist as the antagonist is an elderly shaman that makes it hard to tell just who is tracking who. The Skorpion Directive the fourth novel in the series is one of the most brilliant novel in the series and it’s most popular. Micah Dalton is in Vienna meeting up with Issadore Galan an ex-Mossad agent when his instincts tells him that something has gone terribly wrong. Dalton has always been an aggressive responder to enemy surveillance and this has put him right at the center of a complex plot. A group of conspirators has come together and put in motion an alliance to destroy some of the US’s most important strategic alliances. These are some of the best-trained agents from the KGB and another ultra-secret U.S agency, which would match the skills of the best-trained agents such as Dalton. The fight to unravel the conspiracy takes him from the barren North African shoreline to the Venice and Europe in a desperate attempt to save his life and his

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