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  • Die Ehe Der Maria Braun

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    In this essay, I want to analyze the movie “Die Ehe Der Maria Braun”. This movie, I feel has helped me understand better the position of Germany, post WWII as well as modern Germany. For being an economic student, the most important aspect that I wanted to look at was the socio-economic repercussions, the wars had on Germany. I feel this movie is able to depict this, closest to the actual conditions that existed back then. It employs the technique of ‘alienation’ by Fassbinder (a technique inspired

  • George Orwell's Motives For Writing Gone Awry

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    for expression, need for justice, need for clarification. With his expository prose, he intended to reveal injustices and do so as precisely as possible. The insight given from his essay can be clearly translated to his other compositions, “Shooting an Elephant” and “A Hanging”, in which his motivations and personal opinions are apparent.

  • John Smith Case

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    Introduction This paper presents a case study of a dispute between a worker who has an accident at the workplace and his employer. The paper will critically analyze the argument by following the critical thinking step in an attempt to solve the problem. John Smith, one of the organization’s workers, injured his hand with a machine while attending to his duty at the work place. The accident results into a dispute over who should be held responsible for the accident. Parties, the injured worker and

  • Jean M. Twenge Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation

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    life? Jean M. Twenge’s essay, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” gives multiple reasons why smartphones cause negative effects on teen lives: behavior, communication with parents, depression, less sleep, cyberbullying, and suicide. Twenge proves the negative effects through personal interviews with young teens, studies showing the changes in dating, mental health, and the amount of hours you sleep at night. Twenge opens her essay about smartphones with a narrative--a conversation she’s had

  • The Irony Of Socrates In Plato's Republic

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    Socrates is seen as an intriguing human being in many different aspects. Philosophy itself is an intriguing topic, Socrates is the master of philosophy, making him such a fascinating person. One of the things that makes Socrates so original is his way of making others think, Socrates does not truly teach by force feeding answers. Socrates teaches by asking questions, and by challenging the thought process. Another thing that makes Socrates an intriguing person is his use, even creation, of Socratic

  • Foreshadowing: A Step By Step Literary Devices

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    include Anthropomorphism and personification where animals, places or things can acquire some aspect of the character. There is direct description or presentation of the character by the story’s narrator, ant the word character can also refer to a form, essay, or sketch of a person who displays certain attributes or qualities. Characterization. A step by step literary device that is used to explain the details of a character in a story. The writer introduces

  • The Theme Of Dystopia In Junto Diaz's 'Monstro'

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    : A Study on Science Fiction and Dystopia When one tries to define the genre that is Science Fiction, one starts to talk about futuristic technologies and things that seem like impossibilities to the human mind. Such things like flying cars, and personal computers that are surgically inserted directly into our nervous system. What science fiction can do, is only limited to the extents of your imagination. Dystopian literature tends to have the same connation, except people tend to add things like

  • Literature Definition Essay

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    Literature is the mirror of world that has no end, but it is the reflection of human life. Literature is the broadest sense of writing. It is the writing of art form with intellectual value. Literature represents a language of a people, culture and tradition. Literature is more important than a historical or a cultural artifact. Literature introduces people to new worlds of experience. Literature is the term derived from Latin word, “literature/litterautra”, which means ‘writing formed with

  • Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Analysis

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    comes to the realization that she is a lesbian. Interestingly, Alison Bechdel uses this novel to recount her experience of events that helped to shape her personal identity, which resulted in a transformation of the way she sees herself. In the end, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic is a wonderful narrative that shows its readers the complexity of personal identity, and how things like sexual orientation, love, the values of society, and politics can all play a part in the shaping of one’s character. Fun

  • Mnemonic Artifact Analysis

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    This response will focus on mnemonic collections presented by Amy Tan and Liz Rohan. Each author presents detailed descriptions of ordinary objects as well as memories they correspond to. For both authors, the collections serve as a sort of authentication of the identity they have ascribed to themselves in the past, ultimately contributing to their current sense of self. In terms of approach, Liz Rohan offers a more technical analysis of the influence of mnemonic artifacts on identity, citing numerous