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Monica Lewinsky In 1995 Monica Lewinsky and president Bill Clinton initiated an affair. When it was disclosed in 1998, it started a virtual shitstorm online. -The very first of its kind. It was the first time for a story of that caliber to be broken online ever. The story quickly spread through the then newest branch on the medium-tree: the internet. Suddenly, news and stories could be accessed all day every day, not just at given points in time like the six o’ clock news on TV. The general public from one day to another had the chance to comment news articles, without having to compose a readers’s letter, stamp it, bring it to the post office and wait for days for it to arrive and probably not even be approved to be published. In general, it was just a lot less effort now. And comments could be made anonymously. Monica Lewinsky was the first person to be thrown into the claws of this new media. When her affair with the president was revealed, there were myriads of ill-intended comments written on each and every of the articles about it, most of which attacked her, not only for her actions, but also for her person. Obscene amounts of offensive words were aimed at her, and from one day to the next she had gone from being a completely…show more content…
Her need to do so was triggered by the case of Tyler Clementi, an 18-year old American, who committed suicide after his roommate Dharun Ravi had livestreamed him and another man kissing in their dorm room, and Monica could see, how hearing about this story affected her mother, because of how many parallels there were between the two stories. By talking of how much in despair mother was and by referring to Tyler Clementi as “sweet, sensitive, creative Tyler, who was only 18”, she appeals to our feelings; she uses

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