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  • Review Of James T. R. Jones's Autobiography, A Hidden Madness

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    James T.R. Jones’s autobiography, A Hidden Madness, highlights one man’s struggle with bipolar disorder. The book focuses on the difficulties encountered by those suffering from severe mental illness and the treatability of these disorders. Jones demonstrates that successful treatment is possible with the right support, treatment, and a positive outlook. Jones successfully accomplishes his goal of serving as an inspiration for anyone struggling with mental illness. This book stands as proof that

  • Zombie Apocalypse Research Paper

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    Zombi, originated in the 19th century from Haitian African religion, Vodou. Legend says that a sorcerer or bokor, conjures the dead and revives a body with spells and enchantments, creating a zombie. The body stays in a dead like state under the control of the bokor. The person has no consciousness or memory. Their soul is also

  • Abuse Of Power In George Orwell's 1984

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    of 1984, by George Orwell, the government today acts as if its power is almighty, like Big Brother. Today our government has this idea that to impose protection, they must eavesdrop and manipulate the people in order to show they have the power to control everyone and everything. Throughout the novel, Orwell characterizes the themes of 1984 through the despair and automatons of the people in Oceania. To think that Oceania is what is sociably acceptable to live in, would be and understatement. The themes

  • Technology In Dystopian Novels

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    learn the controls of an iPad, than they are to speak. The elderly have television sets, that they see as the magic box, that keeps them company everyday in their dwindling life.

  • Bill Of Rights Necessary

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    necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” (Amend. II) This Amendment makes a statement of the right of security through allowing holding a militia. It also allows carrying guns for self-protection. Gun legalization is a measure for crime prevention. A criminal can stop his action because he is afraid of losing his life. On the other hand, the new democratic state must ensure that the people have the basic right to resist the tyranny of

  • Burn It Beatty Burned The Book Summary

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    fact that book are biased and they give people thought. They wanted others to have no cause no thought of their own, because they wanted control . The government wanted to be able to control what the people think in order to keep the society healthy and problems free. Beatty demonstrates his fears towards reading books when he uses the analogy, “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon, Breach one man’s mind” (58). He indirectly states that they burn books

  • Okonkwo's Suicide: Do Things Really Fall Apart

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    martyrdom in the form of resistance against colonialism as opposed to a selfish act of defeat. Friesen’s main argument is that Okonkwo’s suicide and its interpretation is solely dependent on fate. Friesen raises the question of whether or not Okonkwo had control of his destiny, despite all of his good attributes and his main role in Umuofia. However, Friesen highlights that the Igbo people believe in chi, which is a personal god that is solely responsible for the fate of its follower and also takes into account

  • A Few Kind Words And A Loaded Gun Analysis

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    Introduction: One question that is so commonly asked when studying criminology is Why do criminals commit crimes? Is it because of bad upbringing? Social or environmental influences? Noel ‘Razor’ Smith’s autobiography ‘A few kind words and a loaded gun’ shows us a first person perspective of the life of a criminal and the trials and tribulations faced throughout it. We are shown how he got caught up in petty crimes such as stealing milk and gradually throughout the book escalated to offences such

  • Vimy Ridge Research Paper

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    and requested ridge, which explains why the British and French had tried to take over the ridge before the Canadians. The Canadians devised a plan to use artillery barrage, which also constituted enhanced techniques for counter-fire against the enemy guns, would smash German positions and isolate them in their dugouts. This Canadian-planned battle occurred as previously started, on April 9, 1917, with most of the ridge being seized, and on April 12, 1917, the Canadians had successfully seized the entire

  • World War 1 Underlying Causes

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    that happened around that time he was assassinated by a Bosnian while on a good will trip to Sarajevo. The new industrialism was going to mean new advances in science warfare which included rapid-firing rifles, improved explosives, motorized Gatling guns, and enormous artillery pieces, submarines and tanks also including airplanes, poison gas, and trench warfare strategies. A main underlying cause of World War 1 was the treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles